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In January 1991, Juan David Ochoa Vásquez, collectively with his brother Jorge Luis, turned themselves in to the Colombian government in order to receive the advantages of collaborating with the judicial system. Melissa Ok. Ochoa is an assistant professor in the girls’s and gender studies department at Saint Louis College. He subsequently grew to become lecturer in Bodily Chemistry on the University of Malawi in 1986 where he turned a Professor in 2002. He was installed as Vice-Chancellor of the College of Malawi on 2 December 2013. He is also chairperson of the Malawi National Examinations Board. Brown, Oliver (17 December 2022). “France’s future is intoxicating – which is horrifying for everybody else”. Da Rocha, Joseph (14 January 2022). “Officiel : Carlos Baleba et Joffrey Bazié rejoignent le LOSC”. Marshall, Tom (19 January 2014). “Ochoa reaches a hundred games in Europe as El Tri’s GK battle heats up”. Chandragupta II’s legacy as a visionary chief and astute ruler continues to be celebrated in Indian historical past, symbolizing the golden age of Gupta imperial rule. Coin of Gupta ruler Kumaragupta I (r.414-455) (Western territories). Coin of Gupta ruler Skandagupta (r.455-467), in the style of the Western Satraps. This conquest not solely solidified Gupta dominance in the region but in addition contributed to the cultural and political unity of historical India. Archaeological Society of India. Pradesh (India), Madhya; Krishnan, V. S. (1982). Madhya Pradesh: District Gazetteers. The Cambridge Shorter History of India. Proceedings of the Indian Historical past Congress.

300-985. Indian Historical past Congress / Individuals’s Publishing House. PEOPLES OF PUBLISHING House. The decline of Western Kshatrapa coinage towards the top of the 4th century, followed by the emergence of Gupta coinage in the area, further supports Chandragupta II’s conquest. Following these conquests, the silver coins of the Gupta kings Chandragupta II and his son Kumaragupta I adopted the Western Satrap design (itself derived from the Indo-Greeks) with bust of the ruler and pseudo-Greek inscription on the obverse, and a royal eagle (Garuda, the dynastic image of the Guptas) replacing the chaitya hill with star and crescent on the reverse. Buddhist Landscapes in Central India: Sanchi Hill and Archaeologies of Religious and Social Change, c. Inscriptions of a victorious Chandragupta II in the yr 412-413 CE can be discovered on the railing close to the Japanese Gateway of the good Stupa in Sanchi. Sanchi inscription of Chandragupta II, 412-413 CE. Chandragupta II’s reign marked a interval of prosperity and stability for the Gupta Empire. Chandragupta II’s navy campaigns in opposition to the Western Kshatrapas are properly-documented in historical information. Chandragupta II’s marketing campaign towards the Sakas was profitable and the Saka Kshatrapas have been wiped out. Literary evidence, together with the Sanskrit play Devichandraguptam, narrates Chandragupta II’s victory over the Western Satraps.

Chandragupta II, known for his growth of Gupta authority into west-central India, including present-day Gujarat, achieved a major victory over the Shakas. Underneath his rule, the Gupta dynasty reached its zenith, with flourishing commerce, vibrant cultural trade, and advancements in art, literature, neymar youth jersey and science. The Gupta ruler Skandagupta (455-467 CE) is thought for a long inscription the place he describes himself as “the ruler of the earth” on a big rock at Junagadh, in Gujarat, subsequent to the older inscriptions of Ashoka and Rudradaman I, confirming the Gupta hold on the western areas. His navy successes and administrative acumen cemented his legacy as a formidable conqueror and statesman, shaping perceptions of Gupta imperial power and influence in historical narratives. Due to the liberations of Kapisa and Gandhara, the Sasanians allied with the Saka Kshatrapa, who had been trying to rid themselves of Indian influence. At the same time there are various Spanish names that have change into fashionable outdoors of Spain attributable to well-known celebrities or historic characters. Chalmé can be concerned in one other denied penalty dispute later in the match, this time with Benzema. A tale of a climatic Battle of Alor (Sindh province of modern-day Pakistan) between Chandragupta Vikramaditya and the Sakas nonetheless survived till the time of Alberuni in the eleventh century CE. A critic of the Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger, he was recognized for the phrase “it’s time to go” (referring to Wenger and later Unai Emery) that he utilized in his interview movies. This win, coupled with Arsenal’s residence defeat to Brighton later the same day, meant that City may become league champions if they were victorious against Chelsea at house of their subsequent league game, or if Arsenal lost in opposition to Nottingham Forest in their subsequent fixture the day earlier than.

Kylian Mbappé scored two goals either side of an Andreas Christensen equalizer to secure France a 2-1 win and qualify them for the knockout stage, thus turning into the primary defending champions since Brazil in 2006 to advance past the primary spherical. France Soccer introduced that they’d publish a shortlist of 30 gamers across six bulletins with two hour intervals on 24 October 2016. On 12 December 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo won the award by a record margin of 429 points ahead of second positioned Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann, who got here third. They even got here near repeating last Saturday’s sport in opposition to Atletico Madrid, after they scored five targets towards two from Atletico. Did you know he scored two objectives in his first recreation with Bayern Munich? One in all the best competitions in sports activities historical past, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the sport of soccer in recent years. One small store nonetheless remains to at the present time on Sendlingerstr. Charity is the highlight of at the present time the place individuals assist low earnings households, the homeless and servants and dedication ceremonies are conducted at monasteries in reminiscence of ancestors. Typically, we do not want to or are unable to express anything personally; and during such occasions the cellphone emojis can come quite useful. Along with the primary flora of alder (Alnus), elm (Ulmus) and ash (Fraxinus), timber resembling oak (Quercus), hornbeam (Carpinus), beech (Fagaceae), black poplar (Populus nigra), white poplar (Populus alba), willow (Salix), linden (Tilia) and walnut (Juglans) are present in the nature reserve.